Design in the Neighbourhood

Design in the Neighbourhood

Students from any discipline and both from bachelors and masters are welcomed to share and give feedback.

HCI & Design Mentorship Clinics

Facilitated by, Devanuj Balkrishnan, Sayan Sircar, Anupriya Tuli‚Äč

24th May, 2020

In these sessions, Srishti Institute ACM SIGCHI Student Chapter attempts to facilitate HCI & Design Mentorship Clinics, where early career researchers could get mentorship to take their projects/research forward. This initiative aims to provide mentorship to students in a more structured way.

This session served as an open and collaborative space for 4 students, who shared various ideas, concepts, research and work-in-progress projects in front of peers and a hand-picked set of mentors. This session could be classified as an ‘outside the classroom discussion’. Our mentors range from researchers, academicians and practitioners who aided students in taking their ideas forward – in order to get them published in the relevant conferences or help to convert these ideas into portfolio-worthy projects.